Amplio is a range of practitioner-only vitamins and mineral supplements launched by Apotex in late 2017.

Apotex Australia is a leading supplier of generic pharmaceuticals, OTC products and vitamins in the Australian pharmacy market with over 200 PBS listed generic pharmaceutical products and a range of pharmacy only OTC products under the Apo Health brand and complementary medicines under the Amplio brand.

In July 2019 Apotex Australia (Apotex) merged with Arrow Pharmaceuticals (Arrow) to form Arrotex Pharmaceuticals – to become Australia’s largest generic pharmaceutical and private label over the counter (OTC) medicines company and is today the largest privately owned Australian pharmaceutical company operating in Australia.

Arrotex is committed to providing sustainable, high-quality, and cost-effective access to the pharmaceuticals that pharmacies and the Australian public rely on every day. The newly expanded Arrotex company gives Australian pharmacies an even greater level of service and support from the businesses that they have chosen to partner with for the past 20 years.

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