AMPLIO+ is a range of practitioner-only vitamin, mineral and herbal medicine supplements, exclusive to Community Pharmacy in Australia.

Arrotex Pharmaceuticals is Australia’s largest generic pharmaceutical and private label over the counter (OTC) medicines company. Arrotex Pharmaceuticals was formed following the merger of Arrow Pharmaceuticals (Arrow) and Apotex Australia (Apotex) in July 2019 and is today the largest privately owned Australian pharmaceutical company operating in Australia. Arrotex is committed to providing sustainable, high-quality, and cost-effective access to the medicines that pharmacies and the Australian public rely on every day.

On the 1st April 2020, the Amplio business became a specialist joint venture formed between Arrotex and Light Warrior Wellness to form ALW Health Pty Ltd. ALW Health combines Light Warrior Wellness’ category expertise, knowledge, capability and infrastructure in the complementary medicines sector, with the customer base, sales force and commercial resource of Arrotex to establish Amplio as a leading, exclusive Community Pharmacy practitioner-only vitamin, mineral and herbal brand.

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