AMPLIO+ AnxioBalance contains affron®, a clinically researched saffron extract, to relieve symptoms of mild anxiety, reduce nervous tension, decrease excess nervous energy, and support healthy mood balance. AMPLIO+ AnxioBalance also includes lavender, traditionally used in Western herbal medicine as a nervous system relaxant to help relax the mind, relieve sleeplessness, and relieve symptoms of nervous indigestion.

Magnesium Ultra

AMPLIO+ Magnesium Ultra contains high-dose magnesium, combined with amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Formulated to support muscle relaxation and help relieve mild muscle spasms and muscle cramps when dietary intake of magnesium is inadequate. AMPLIO+ Magnesium Ultra supports energy production and a healthy stress response in the body.

Clean Concentrated EPA/DHA

AMPLIO+ Clean Concentrated EPA/DHA supports cardiovascular system health and helps maintain healthy blood lipids. It provides an anti-inflammatory action and relieves mild joint pain and stiffness. AMPLIO+ Clean Concentrated EPA/DHA maintains nervous system, brain and cognitive function and supports healthy mood balance. Intake of omega-3 fatty acids in pregnancy supports healthy foetal development.

Liver Cleanse

AMPLIO+ Liver Cleanse is formulated with a combination of St Mary’s Thistle, globe artichoke, dandelion, choline and glutathione. St Mary’s thistle is traditionally used in Western herbal medicine to support natural liver cleansing, protect the liver and maintain healthy liver function. AMPLIO+ Liver Cleanse also contains globe artichoke used in traditional Western herbal medicine to reduce abdominal bloating and a feeling of fullness.

Activ-B12 Spray

AMPLIO+ Activ-B12 contains mecobalamin (co-methylcobalamin) which is the bioavailable, metabolically active form of vitamin B12, to help prevent dietary vitamin B12 deficiency. Vitamin B12 assists healthy red blood cell production, maintains energy levels, relieves fatigue and supports nervous system health.

Vital Multi

AMPLIO+ Vital Multi is a comprehensive, daily multivitamin, antioxidant and mineral supplement to support general health and vitality. Formulated to help maintain energy levels, nervous system and immune health. Formulated to be suitable for both men and women.

Zinc Complex

AMPLIO+ Zinc Complex is formulated with the antioxidant nutrients zinc, vitamin C and vitamin A. These nutrients support healthy immune system function and general health and wellbeing. Zinc, vitamin C and vitamin A are important for maintaining healthy skin. Vitamin C also supports wound healing, collagen formation and skin regeneration.

Sleep Forte

AMPLIO+ Sleep Forte combines valerian, hops, passionflower and lemon balm. It has been formulated with herbs used in traditional Western medicine to reduce sleeplessness, relieve disturbed or restless sleep and decrease the time taken to fall asleep.

Pain Complex

AMPLIO+ Pain Complex is a comprehensive formula to relieve pain and inflammation. It is formulated to relieve mild joint aches, pains, soreness and inflammation. It contains standardised herbal extracts of boswellia, devil’s claw, willow bark and turmeric. Devil’s claw relieves symptoms of mild osteoarthritis.

Magnesium Relax

AMPLIO+ Magnesium Relax combines magnesium, glycine and the herbal medicines passionflower and lemon balm. AMPLIO+ Magnesium Relax has been formulated to support muscle relaxation and nervous system health, and includes herbs traditionally used in Western herbal medicine to reduce nervous tension and restlessness.