AMPLIO+ AnxioBalance contains affron®, a clinically researched saffron extract, to relieve symptoms of mild anxiety, reduce nervous tension, decrease excess nervous energy, and support healthy mood balance. AMPLIO+ AnxioBalance also includes lavender, traditionally used in Western herbal medicine as a nervous system relaxant to help relax the mind, relieve sleeplessness, and relieve symptoms of nervous indigestion.

  • Contains affron®, a clinically researched, saffron extract, for mood balance.
  • Contains lavender, a traditional Western herbal medicine to reduce nervous tension and restlessness and aid sleep.
  • Relieves symptoms of mild anxiety.
  • Relieves nervous tension and decreases excess nervous energy. Relieves symptoms of mild anxiety.
  • Supports healthy sleep and mood balance.
  • Convenient once a day dosing.
  • Vegetarian and vegan friendly.
  • 30 capsules

  • Adults: Take one capsule daily or as directed by your health professional.
  • None indicated at recommended dose.

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