Liver Cleanse

AMPLIO+ Liver Cleanse is formulated with a combination of St Mary’s Thistle, globe artichoke, dandelion, choline and glutathione. St Mary’s thistle is traditionally used in Western herbal medicine to support natural liver cleansing, protect the liver and maintain healthy liver function. AMPLIO+ Liver Cleanse also contains globe artichoke used in traditional Western herbal medicine to reduce abdominal bloating and a feeling of fullness.

  • Supports healthy liver function.
  • In traditional Western herbal medicine:

    • St Mary’s thistle is used to protect the liver and to help support natural liver detoxification processes.
    • Globe artichoke and dandelion are used to relieve symptoms of indigestion.
    • Globe artichoke is used to reduce abdominal bloating and a feeling of fullness.
    • Dandelion is used to support digestion.
  • Glutathione is an important nutrient produced primarily in the liver.
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
  • 60 capsules

  • Adults: Take 1 capsule three times daily, or as directed by your health professional

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