Sleep Forte

AMPLIO+ Sleep Forte combines valerian, hops, passionflower and lemon balm. It has been formulated with herbs used in traditional Western medicine to reduce sleeplessness, relieve disturbed or restless sleep and decrease the time taken to fall asleep.

  • Formulated with four herbal medicines: valerian, hops, lemon balm and passionflower.
  • Contains herbs traditionally used in Western herbal medicine:
    Valerian to help reduce sleeplessness and relieve disturbed or restless sleep.
    Hops and passionflower to reduce the time taken to fall asleep and to support a refreshing sleep.
  • May be beneficial when nervous tension or restlessness are compromising sleep.
  • Capsule form for patient convenience.
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
  • 60 capsules

  • Adults: Take 2 capsules 30-60 minutes before bedtime, or as directed by your health professional.

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